Sneak Peek: New Navigation in BambooHR

January 7, 2014

We are continuing to work on the new updates, making BambooHR the best, easiest-to-use HR software out there. Because our customers are so important to us, we want to make sure you’re prepared when the updates occur. As such, we wanted to give you early peeks so you can know what to anticipate. This sneak peek is focused on the global navigation of BambooHR.

Global Navigation
This is what the BambooHR header looks like now:

Current BambooHR header

This is the sleek, new header you will soon have when you log in to your BambooHR account:

BambooHR menu
Note: The Getting Started link is only visible during the implementation process. Once that is complete, the link disappears.

As you know, in the current BambooHR header, you can find incoming information, such as Time off Requests and Information Updates, under Requests. Soon you will see that same information in an easier-to-find location, when you click the envelope icon.

envelope icon

Apps will be stored under the cloud icon. Currently, you find most third-party apps in the Tools section, along with some BambooHR-specific functions like Email Alerts. We’ll be creating a clear separation between BambooHR functionality and third-party apps. You will find a section called Apps that includes apps that have synced up with BambooHR, such as Small Improvements and RightSignature, just to name a few.

More details about this section will come in a future post.

Settings are found under the gears icon (because they make everything work). Several links currently found under Manage, Permissions, Tools and Account are listed under Settings. Here are some highlights to note:

• Company Info will move under Settings and is called Employee Fields.
• Benefits will move under Settings.
• Logo & Color will be combined in only one setting, instead of two separate areas.
• Company Directory, which is currently found under Manage, will be listed under Settings.
• Company Holidays will just be called Holidays.
• The Onboarding and Offboarding templates, currently found under Manage, are just called Onboarding and Offboarding and will be found under Settings.
• iCalendar Feeds will soon be found under the Account Info section under the Settings submenu.
• Email Alerts, Time off and Training will be located under Settings.

More details about this section will come in a future post.

Currently, you need to click on the “Hi, {Your Name}” to find and change your own information, such as password and preferred language. Soon you will find that same information by clicking the picture of yourself. In addition, there will be a Log Out link.

BambooHR menu

There is currently a drop-down menu to specify between directory and list of employees. Soon, you will be able to toggle between the two under the Employees widget. There are two icons that you can press to list employees for administrators or managers (left icon below) and company directory that all employees can see if you have the company directory turned on (right icon below).

consolidated employee options

Where’s the Rest of Your Stuff?
Here are some other miscellaneous things that are in new places:

• Links will no longer be found under Manage; you’ll find it under the Dashboard widget.
• Miscellaneous Settings will soon be found under Account section of Settings and is called General Settings.
• Pay Group will soon be located under Employee Fields in Settings.
• Single Sign-On will be listed in the Apps area.
• Workflows will be called Approvals and will be found under Settings.
• Permissions will be filterable and will no longer be listed under separate Users and Groups tabs.
• Company Announcements will be managed from the Dashboard widget.
• Power Edit will be available in two separate locations: under the Employees widget (just click the gear button) as well as under the Reports widget (under the More option). In addition, the Power Edit page is auto-magically pre-populated with the employees and the fields from the report.
• Print Forms will be listed under the Reports widget. Just click the More option and you will see Download Forms (W-4 and I-9).

This is just a sampling of the exciting new changes coming soon! We will be sure to provide plenty of help in case you can’t find something you need, including videos that will walk you through all the changes. And don’t worry: Nothing has disappeared. It’s just found a new, more comfortable home!

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