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Articles by Daniel Dean

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Keeping your data secure matters to us, which is why we’ve made 2-Step Login available to all BambooHR users at no additional cost.
HR Insights 6 min
Our exclusive survey of HR professionals and business owners reveals important HR trends for 2020 in hiring, onboarding, culture, engagement, and more.
Hiring 1 min
Texting candidates can help you stay timely and provide authentic candidate experiences. Here are four tips for texting recruits.
With our redesigned benefit tracking, you can track custom benefits packages, set future dates for changes, have variable rates, and track historical data.
Onboarding 4 min
Most people truly want to learn, grow and improve themselves. If you provide opportunities, you play a key part in their success and happiness at work.
Onboarding 1 min
Personal connections at work increase happiness and productivity. A personal connection reduces anxiety when employees ask for help. Learn more now.