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Why Strategic HR Is Crucial & How To Get Started

Why Strategic HR Is Crucial & How To Get Started

HR is under attack. The media has been calling for major disruption in the HR space, demanding for it to become more strategic, to solve more imminent business problems, and to step up its game or be replaced. The future of HR is now, and we have to solve this strategic need now. But how can we do that when so much of our time is spent solving today’s operational needs.

In this webinar we’ll begin with an economic perspective around the pressures business is putting on HR to upskill themselves, and then we’ll discuss the strategies and principles you can use to escape the operational handcuffs holding you back from fulfilling this higher-value promise.

  • Learn what Strategic HR actually means
  • Learn how to escape the operational and become strategic
  • Learn how to gain relevance, influence and authority in your organization
  • Learn immediate steps you can take to reinvent your department
  • Learn to think and speak the language of business
About the speakers
Angela Watson

Enterprise Account Executive, eFileCabinet

Angie Watson’s expertise in nonprofit, HR, finance management, and corporate sales management have helped dozens of organizations simplify, streamline, and optimize their business processes. Her diverse background gives her unique insight on business, making her a great fit for her current role as an Efficiency Expert at eFileCabinet.

Rusty Lindquist

VP of Thought Leadership at BambooHR

Rusty is the Vice President of Strategic HR Insights at BambooHR, where he studies the intersection of organizational behavior, business, and HR strategy. Before that, he spent 18 years as head of product in technology companies in the learning and development, and technology industries. Rusty is also a writer and public speaker, focused on human performance engineering.

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