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More Elevate Summit Information to Get Excited About

April 18, 2017

When I was young, I used to wonder what happened when my family doctor got sick. Does she just give herself an examination? Does she have her own family doctor? Wait—do doctors get sick? (Editor’s note: They do.)

When I first learned about BambooHR, I had similar questions. Since they’re all HR experts, do they have a full HR team? Has their HR team mastered the BambooHR software? Wait—is the person who leads the HR team some sort of mega-HR pro?

As it turned out, the answer to all of these questions was yes. Just like any good doctor makes all the necessary steps to ensure they stay healthy—including consulting with other physicians—BambooHR takes it’s own HR very seriously. After all, we love HR!

And since we love HR so much, all of us at Bamboo headquarters are ecstatic for the Elevate Summit next week! We’re champing at the bit to get together for the first time with customers, partners, and HR enthusiasts for three days of peak HR enjoyment. (By the way, there are still a handful of spots available for you last-minute HR heroes.)

Without further delay, we’d like to introduce some more Elevate Summit presenters from our BambooHR team. Let’s start off with our very own mega-HR pro . . .

Cassie Whitlock

Cassie Whitlock – Director of HR, BambooHR

Cassie has served as the Director of Human Resources at BambooHR since 2012. She is an observer of human nature and uses her 17 years of HR experience to aid organizations, teams, and individuals in building systems, processes and communication patterns that align with business objectives. The belief that success is built by the contributions of each individual is what inspired her to focus her talents on human capital development.

Rusty Lindquist

Rusty Lindquist – VP of Thought Leadership, BambooHR
Rusty is the Vice President of Thought Leadership at BambooHR where he speaks, writes, and teaches how to elevate HR and increase employee value. He’s spent 18 years as head of product and strategy in technology companies in the learning and development and technology industries. He’s a husband, father of seven, and someone who loves life and sharing knowledge.

Less than 10 spots available. Sign up now for The Elevate Summit!

Jonny Rejholec – Sr. Product Manager, BambooHR
Jonny Rejholec is a product leader who loves to make people happy by discovering their needs and creating delightful, innovative software solutions. He currently leads the Product Team at BambooHR and has been delivering product goodness for over a decade in the SaaS industry.

Tyler Margetts

Tyler Margetts – Sr. Product Manager, BambooHR

Tyler is a Sr. Product Manager at BambooHR. Tyler is a firm believer in HR’s unique ability to help an organization successfully implement its chosen strategy and achieve its desired outcomes. When he’s not riding the trails of Utah on his mountain bike, Tyler loves interacting with customers and developing solutions that help them become better business partners.


We simply cannot wait to meet so many of you next week! Please contact us with any last-minute questions on The Elevate Summit at [email protected].

The Elevate Summit is one week away! Meet some more presenters and get excited!

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Bryson Kearl

Bryson Kearl is an HR content creator at BambooHR. His role enables him to study HR's impact on organizations, and he is a diehard believer in the vital role HR plays in building company culture to achieve overarching business objectives.