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HR Insights 8 min
HR Insights 8 min
What should HR and business leaders look out for in 2022? We’ve recapped three BambooHR surveys that explore how the employee experience is evolving.
Editor's Choice 3 min
What’s New in BambooHR: Payroll Tab and Homebase
New Payroll tab in BambooHR creates a time-saving homebase for visibility into important payroll dates, deadlines, and data changes.
Most Popular 7 min
The Best Questions to Ask in Performance Reviews
We’ve created a research-backed list of employee and manager questions for more effective performance reviews.
In Depth This Week 7 min
Navigating COVID-19 Vaccines and Masks in the Workplace
Cassie Whitlock, HR director at BambooHR, takes an in-depth look at the complex factors to consider when creating vaccination and mask policies.
most recent 8 min
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than buzzwords; they’re the keys to creating thriving workplaces where every employee can develop, grow, and thrive.
HR Insights 12 min
We learned from some BambooHR customers how they use technology to improve their employee experience.
At the core of our company philosophy is the importance of valuing and supporting the people who make us successful—not only our own employees, but also our customers.
HR Insights 8 min
Companies must weigh employee choice with COVID-19 regulations when it comes to offering a safe workplace for all. Here's how they can do it.
These new additions to the BambooHR® Marketplace are here to help with employee engagement, culture, performance, taxes, cloud security, and yes, even integrations.
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We’re launching a new video series to keep customers up to date on newly released features and our plans for the future. Check it out!
HR Insights 10 min
Knowing why high-potential employees leave is the first step in learning how to retain them. Let BambooHR help you identify and engage every HIPO employee.
HR Insights 10 min
Hear from BambooHR CEO, Brad Rencher, on HR’s role in creating great opportunities for employees and job-seekers during The Great Resignation.
HR Insights 8 min
See how a return to the office can contribute to less burnout and more balance.
HR Insights 8 min
BambooHR surveyed HR Virtual Summit attendees to find out what (and how) HR was doing in 2021. Here’s what we found.
HR Insights 8 min
Today, we’re celebrating those Bambooligans who have been with us for a decade or more—those employees who have seen us grow from a freestyling team of a few scrappy folks to an established software company over 1,000 employees strong.
Benefits & Comp 10 min
Rethink your benefit offerings to manage employee expectations in this new era of work.
Announcing BambooHR Rewards, an incentive program that provides bonuses for referring clients to BambooHR.
In 2021, we improved BambooHR® Performance Management with more flexibility and greater depth, giving you finer control of your performance management.
Learn about the new Product Updates page, where BambooHR chronicles every new feature and update.
HR Insights 8 min
What should HR and business leaders look out for in 2022? We’ve recapped three BambooHR surveys that explore how the employee experience is evolving.
HR Insights 10 min
Pay ranges are becoming a standard part of job postings. Here’s how to approach salary details the next time you share an open role.
HR Insights 8 min
Stop ghosting in its tracks by using these strategies to keep applicants engaged through your interview and hiring process.
We take a look back at season one of BambooHR’s podcast, The Era, and dive into the importance of putting people first in the era of employee experience.
HR Insights 10 min
We get it—analytics in HR can be daunting. Use this guide to start delivering actionable, data-driven insights for your organization.
2021 has been the year of adapting. We juggled hybrid work models, navigated masks and vaccines in the office, and figured out a plethora of other messes following The Year That Will Not Be Named.
HR Insights 5 min
The holiday season brings lots of questions about PTO. Check out our nine tips to better manage employee time off during the holiday season.
As you prepare for the ETS from OSHA, we hope the BambooHR vaccination tracking feature helps you gather the information you need to create a thoughtful action plan and keep your employees safe.
How much performance feedback is enough? Learn how to create a comprehensive yet manageable 360º feedback system in your performance management.
Hiring 7 min
So you’ve received a negative employee review? Check out our guide to learn more about how to respond to negative reviews the right way.