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HR Insights 3 min
This April 26-28, BambooHR is hosting its first ever user conference, The Elevate Summit, at the world-class Snowbird Resort.
Hiring 4 min
Recruiting is about more than identifying talent. Use these tips to gain deeper understanding and find motivated candidates for your organization.
Physical space makes a big difference in employee productivity and engagement. These tips help you create a functional and inspiring workplace setup.
Benefits & Comp 4 min
When it comes to office wellness, knowledge is power. Understanding how viruses work and how to combat them helps keep everyone healthy and productive.
An employee performance review that includes these components is an effective tool for increasing engagement. Learn what the components are today.
HR Insights 6 min
View these 34 HR statistics on Employee Engagement for HR professionals. Check out job satisfaction data BambooHR complied from six top studies.
It can be hard to stay positive at work during the winter months. Here are seven more ways (in addition to our first 13) to keep your people smiling.
When you partner with BambooHR, everybody wins. It's not just about you and Bamboo; it's about how we make your clients' HR practice better.
HR Insights 4 min
Nobody saw 2016 coming, but can we predict what 2017 will bring to HR? We asked a few HR experts to look into their crystal balls for the answers you need.
Hiring 4 min
We talk with sourcing wizard JD Conway about how strategic sourcing of passive talent is leaving traditional recruiting methods behind.
HR Insights 6 min
To help you meet your resolution and gain HR development, we’ve gathered a list of 47 free online courses to help you gain important HR skills.
Benefits & Comp 4 min
How will your employees spend their working hours in 2017? Get your working hours policies just right for a focused and productive year.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Here are a few reasons we encourage employees to take advantage of telecommuting in the winter months.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Employees are out of the office a lot during the holidays. These three questions will help guide you through this time in order to master work-life balance.
HR Insights 2 min
Here are some of our favorite HR mobile apps from the past year, many of which appeared on PC Mag’s list of best business apps of 2016.
HR Insights 2 min
What has changed this last decade in the workplace? We sought to find out by comparing survey results from ten years ago with today. Learn more here.
HR Insights 2 min
HR has an attitude problem. It's too nice. And nice people finish last.
HR Insights 3 min
Elevate 2016 is officially over, but you can still view the presentations on demand for a limited time! Here are some attendee favorites.
The new BambooHR Help Center is live, with better design, better search, and more relevant results. In short, we made the old Help Center more helpful!
BambooHR Home is the new dashboard for our #1 award-winning HR software. New features, improved usability, and a totally new look.
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Hiring 4 min
Layoffs or persistent workplace problems can lead to post-traumatic-job disorder, a condition with lasting effects. Find symptoms and treatments here.
HR Insights 3 min
This holiday season, planning the company party just got easier. Use this checklist to take the stress out of party planning before the holidays arrive.
Finding just the right people can be hard. Here are three characteristics to look for in new hires that will strengthen your organizational culture.
We're excited to now offer Excel and CSV exporting for Payroll Change Reports in BambooHR.
There are three main challenges of performance management. We gathered expert opinions to provide these five solutions to those challenges.
Hiring 4 min
With unemployment down & turnover up, it’s clear we're in a candidate-driven marketplace. Here are 3 ways recruiters can improve their offerings to compete.
Benefits & Comp 2 min
Is unlimited vacation the right move for your company? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of flexible time off and how it affects culture.
Your company will have a culture, whether you guide it or not. These steps help you guide your company culture as it grows and changes.
The internet needs more customer service positivity. Here are three takeaways that any support team can implement to improve their culture.
Our friends at SnackNation compiled a list of team building activities designed to enhance culture, have fun and build camaraderie. These are our favorites.
Onboarding 4 min
Joining a new company is like learning to drive a stick shift. Smart onboarding strategies help new employees integrate with their teams without friction.
Hiring 6 min
Our hiring managers do most of our late-level interviewing. Here is how we train them to follow interviewing best practices and be recruiting rock stars.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Modern business relies on connections. These five companies show how effective volunteer work programs strengthen ties with employees and communities.
Telecommuting impacts company culture. Be sure that remote employees still receive the communication they need to be effective. Learn more now.
Hiring 3 min
Not everybody is cut out to work remotely, and hiring the wrong person is costly. Here are 5 attributes to look for when interviewing remote workers.
Hiring 3 min
There are things you can do to turn former employees into "boomeranging" employees. Here are five effective ways to win them back.
Here are some best practices we’ve learned to help you become a telecommuting champion for your company and—as deserved—reap all of the benefits.
Hiring 4 min
Candidate personas help to determine who is most likely to succeed in a particular role (and, therefore, who to market to).
Benefits & Comp 4 min
Recruiting battles often leave small organizations feeling disadvantaged. Below are some benefit ideas to help small businesses compete.
HR Insights 5 min
Companies have access to many tools that help stay connected to remote workers. Here are several options you may want to consider.