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Employee Time Tracking Software

Spend minutes tracking hours.


Time and attendance tracking made easy.

Break up with punch cards, timesheets, and long days of calculating everyone’s hours. With our time and attendance software, employees punch in and out right on the BambooHR® home screen or on their phones, edit their hours, and track the time they’ve worked on specific projects or tasks. Managers approve timesheets with the click of a button, and BambooHR keeps everyone up to date with automatic reminders. No more forgotten entries, inaccurate payroll, or broken hearts.

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Know exactly where the time went.

Our time and attendance software comes with project tracking to help your business be more productive and efficient. Employees log hours to specific categories like a project, client, location, or task, and it’s a cinch for you to create insightful reports to analyze resource distribution, billable vs. non-billable hours, time management, and more.

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Approve employee time with one click.

Time and attendance monitoring just got a whole lot easier. Managers don’t have to send countless emails or wait for employees to hand in their timecards—the approval workflow handles all of it, with timesheets attached for easy review and one-click approval.

Clock in where it makes sense.

With the BambooHR® Mobile app, time tracking goes wherever your workforce goes. Employees can clock in and out on the go, check their timesheets and fix errors, and log hours to specific clients, just like on the web app. And here’s something new and exclusive to the mobile app—geolocation. Managers get a single snapshot of the location their employees clock in and out from, ensuring better hours tracking.

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Automate time and attendance management.

With our time and attendance software, there’s no need to chase down managers for approvals and employees for their hours. Instead, automatic reminders help everyone update their schedules or approve timesheets on time, every time.

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Leave overtime tracking to us.

Overtime laws vary state-by-state, turning payroll into a calculation and compliance headache. Our time and attendance software does all the heavy lifting for you, with built-in overtime calculations for all 50 U.S. states and territories to keep your numbers spotless.

Capture it all in one report.

The Payroll Hours Report compiles all the general, overtime, and PTO hours for the pay period and features built-in timesheet approvals to make your job easier. No more hunting and gathering data from multiple systems or copying and pasting information into a spreadsheet. It’s just another thing our time and attendance software makes easy.

Reduce your risk.

We know compliance is a concern. BambooHR Time Tracking takes a load off your mind by automatically calculating total hours, overtime, PTO, and holiday pay. BambooHR payroll hours reports and timesheet approval workflows give you confidence and convenience to run payroll quickly and accurately, every time.

"As a one-person HR department, the automation of BambooHR® Time Tracking has reduced my time spent on time tracking by more than 75 percent. It has saved managers and employees more than 30 percent. We are now tracking overtime in real time!"

Jessica Neal, HR Manager | American Cedar & Millwork

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