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Employee Offboarding Software

Saying goodbye just got a little easier.

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It’s never fun. But offboarding doesn’t have to be hard. screenshot

It’s never fun. But offboarding doesn’t have to be hard.

Parting ways is an unavoidable part of HR. But with the right system in place, you can gain valuable insights and leave outgoing employees with a lasting positive impression of your organization. BambooHR® allows you to plan and execute compliant offboarding the right way every time, with checklists to ensure compliance and automation to help you concentrate on the person, not the transaction.

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An informed, complete exit leaves fewer unanswered questions. screenshot

An informed, complete exit leaves fewer unanswered questions.

Employee departures always come with uncertainty about last paychecks, benefits coverage, and not knowing what comes next. BambooHR helps reduce stress and eliminate follow-up calls and emails by proactively answering common questions and making the exit process simple and clear. Employees feel appreciated as people, not assets, which helps preserve positive feelings and protect your organization’s employer brand.

Leaving can be a learning experience. screenshot

Leaving can be a learning experience.

From highlighting unsung heroes to uncovering poor management practices, outgoing employees can be excellent teachers on the subject of what’s really going on in your organization. BambooHR helps you build accountability into your offboarding process, making sure employees are heard and giving you the chance to learn how to improve the employee experience from the people who lived it.

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Put compliance and security worries to bed. screenshot

Put compliance and security worries to bed.

The sheer number of applications we use today creates a massive concern for IT professionals and business leaders—and compliance concerns just add more fuel to the fire. BambooHR helps you sleep easier by automating information security restrictions, delegating property collection tasks, and ensuring compliance with clear checklists for successful offboarding completion.

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Make offboarding reminders automatic. screenshot

Make offboarding reminders automatic.

Your to-do list is always expanding, which can make it all too easy to lose track of the many small but critical steps involved in offboarding an employee. BambooHR acts like an unseen assistant, sending automatic reminders to admins, managers, and others so you can be sure that every box gets checked and employee departure is secure, compliant, and thoughtful.

Discover the trends driving your turnover numbers. screenshot

Discover the trends driving your turnover numbers.

Turnover is inevitable even in the best organizations—but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. With the powerful reporting features in BambooHR, you can see the who, when, and why behind turnover, using metrics like employee performance, length of service, reason for departure, and more to find common threads that might be pushing people out the door. And while you can’t turn back the clock, insights like these can help you predict future issues and prevent current ones from perpetuating.

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"BambooHR’s electronic signature feature has recently allowed us to enjoy our first ‘paperless’ onboarding experience!"

TJ Zawodniak, HR Manager | Huntington Steel & Supply

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We asked the professionals who use our hiring app daily to talk about how BambooHR® works for them in the fast-paced, overwhelming world of small-business recruiting.
It's freeing me up to do more of the stuff that actually matters in HR.
—Aaron Wheeler | Wistia

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