How BambooHR Performance Management Improved in 2021

January 27, 2022

Over the course of 2021, we’ve improved BambooHR® Performance Management with more flexibility and greater depth, giving you more choice for the when, who, and how of the performance management process at your organization. Here’s a quick summary to let you know how to take advantage of these updates.

Scheduling Flexibility and Improved Search in Reports

These updates give greater flexibility in the cadence and dates you administer assessments and feedback. We separated scheduling for assessments and feedback, so each process can operate on separate timelines depending on your needs. For example, you might choose to have feedback sessions every four months while keeping formal assessments on a six-month schedule. 


We also made performance reports searchable by date range instead of tying them to individual Performance Management events. 

Additional Assessment Flexibility

When an employee moves to a new team right before their scheduled assessment, their new manager might not have what they need to make accurate observations. To resolve this issue, you now have the option to skip a regularly-scheduled assessment


This doesn’t mean someone who skips an assessment has to go without feedback for months. Scheduling impromptu assessments helps you keep employees informed during off-cycle evaluations, such as: 

  • When considering employees for a promotion or raise
  • When they face disciplinary action
  • On their anniversary
  • As part of their onboarding process
Impromptu Assessment (1)

Expanded Feedback

Great feedback can come from anyone who interacts with an employee, from their closest co-workers to employees in a different department who regularly rely on their efforts. We updated our Feedback feature to emphasize this breadth of feedback, expanding the maximum number of reviewers to 10 per employee. 

Feedback is also no longer limited to assessment periods, letting you ask in the moment for what you need. Here are a few examples: 

  • After a big project, the manager wants to see how the team lead performed. They can send feedback requests to everyone involved in it. This could include team members, directors and executives they presented to, or other departments that they trained.
  • A manager thinks an employee is struggling and wants to know how well the employee works with their peers or with other departments. This feedback can help the manager understand an employee’s situation before speaking with them.
  • An employee is up for a promotion, and the manager would like to understand how the employee works with others.

BambooHR Performance Management: Timely and Targeted 

These updates help expand Performance Management’s reach and help your managers and employees provide meaningful, accurate feedback through continuing conversations. For more information on each of these updates, click the links below:

Skip and Impromptu Assessments

Impromptu Feedback 

Feedback Request Limit Increase  

Performance Settings Updates  

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Eric Serdar
Product Marketing Manager