Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | February 2022

February 16, 2022

If you’re in need of positive news to ease into 2022, say hello to seven brand new integrations with BambooHR! We’re always looking to partner with applications that will make your work easier, faster, more efficient—in a word, better. These new additions to the BambooHR® Marketplace are here to help with employee engagement, culture, performance, taxes, cloud security, and yes, even integrations.

Hive HR

Category: People/Culture

An employee feedback platform, Hive HR provides coaching and tools to help you engage with and listen to your employees, including: 

  • Pulse surveys
  • Two-way messaging
  • Always-on anonymous feedback
  • Peer recognition 

The insight you gather will help you drive effective change and improve your employees’ experience. 


Category: Build Your Business

Remote helps you better manage your global teams, whether full-time or contract workers. It handles international payroll, benefits, and other compensation, so you can feel confident your data is safe and you’re offering compensation packages that are culturally competitive. 


Category: Build Your Business

Merge is an integration for integrations—developers integrate once with Merge’s API to offer a full category of integrations to their customers. Merge will help you manage each stage of the integration process as well as maintaining those integrations.


Category: People/Culture

A people management integration, HelloTeam helps you develop your people, measure engagement, and recognize great work. With features like flexible performance reviews, a company dashboard, and engagement surveys, HelloTeam puts the spotlight on people and culture.


Category: People/Culture

Another engagement integration, Assembly helps you measure and improve employee engagement through recognition, rewards, and automated workflows. It’s designed to foster connection and communication in the workplace while simplifying workflows, with over 50 templates to choose from (or you can make your own). 


Category: Build Your Business specializes in processing and filing the necessary forms for businesses to receive the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This integration automates the entire process, making it completely paperless and worry-free for you.


Category: Build Your Business

JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory that helps you securely manage and connect your users to their devices, applications, files, and networks. This is valuable for anyone managing a remote or hybrid workforce—you just need internet access to add users, configure or revoke access, and more.

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Marie-Reine Pugh

Marie-Reine Pugh is focused on making HR simpler for HR professionals and workplaces a better place for everyone. She pulls from her previous experiences as an educator and six years of writing and researching to explore how to create inclusive company cultures that help businesses succeed.