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Articles by Marie-Reine Pugh

Marie-Reine Pugh is focused on making HR simpler for HR professionals and workplaces a better place for everyone. She pulls from her previous experiences as an educator and six years of writing and researching to explore how to create inclusive company cultures that help businesses succeed.
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HR Insights 8 min
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than buzzwords; they’re the keys to creating thriving workplaces where every employee can develop, grow, and thrive.
HR Insights 8 min
Companies must weigh employee choice with COVID-19 regulations when it comes to offering a safe workplace for all. Here's how they can do it.
These new additions to the BambooHR® Marketplace are here to help with employee engagement, culture, performance, taxes, cloud security, and yes, even integrations.
We’re launching a new video series to keep customers up to date on newly released features and our plans for the future. Check it out!
HR Insights 10 min
Knowing why high-potential employees leave is the first step in learning how to retain them. Let BambooHR help you identify and engage every HIPO employee.
HR Insights 8 min
What should HR and business leaders look out for in 2022? We’ve recapped three BambooHR surveys that explore how the employee experience is evolving.
HR Insights 8 min
Stop ghosting in its tracks by using these strategies to keep applicants engaged through your interview and hiring process.
HR Insights 10 min
We get it—analytics in HR can be daunting. Use this guide to start delivering actionable, data-driven insights for your organization.
HR Insights 5 min
The holiday season brings lots of questions about PTO. Check out our nine tips to better manage employee time off during the holiday season.
Hiring 10 min
We talk with JD Conway, BambooHR manager of talent acquisition, about how to clearly define what a culture add is and create more inclusive hiring processes.
Want to improve employee performance? Start by improving performance reviews by coaching, growing, and listening to your employees.
Learn how offboarding in BambooHR helps relieve four key offboarding burdens and create a better experience for departing employees.
HR Insights 5 min
Educational institutions require unique HR strategies. Learn the vital strategies of HR in the education sector and how to execute them.
Annual performances alone don’t cut it. To really grow and improve, employees need more informal conversations and support from their managers.
HR Insights 3 min
BambooHR hosts free HR webinars on a variety of topics, from expert insight to product tips. See what we’ve got coming up in April.
Benefits & Comp 5 min
The difference between part-time and full-time employees isn’t just the hours they work. Learn about the costs, how this affects employees, and more.
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Benefits & Comp 8 min
It’s time to rethink your employee benefits and perks, so you can better support your employees through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
Access Levels in BambooHR® help HR pros save time and be more transparent with employees while keeping important information safe.
HR Insights -9 min
Learn how the hybrid workforce model helps you be more strategic about remote work while challenging traditional norms about the workplace.
BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher explains why employee experience is central to business success and how to shift perspectives.
HR Insights 4 min
Get ready for 2021 with our comprehensive list of top HR conferences and tips on how to navigate virtual and in person events.
Benefits & Comp 6 min
Unbanked employees face unique financial challenges. Learn more about what it means to be unbanked and how it affects payroll.
HR Insights 5 min
With 2020 soon coming to a close, we recommend focusing on employee experience and wellness in your HR goals for 2021.
Working from home makes it harder to disconnect from work. Here are tips for employers and employees for a better work-life balance.
We’re excited to announce our BambooHR Scholarship winners for 2020 and to share their stories of growing from good to great.
Hiring 6 min
Hiring in 2021 can feel challenging. We help you face it by breaking down hiring trends and giving you tips for hiring post-COVID-19.
Learn how to leverage company culture to support employees and help everyone stay confident during times of crisis or change.
HR Insights 4 min
Bad bosses are bad for business. Learn which behaviors to avoid with a sneak peek at our updated bad boss data for 2020.
HR Insights 6 min
Understand how to digest your eNPS® survey data to measure employee satisfaction and build effective HR initiatives with the help of our HR expert, Cassie Whitlock.
Hiring 4 min
Are remote employees or freelancers the way to go? Learn which is best for your business based on flexibility, cost, loyalty, and relationships.
HR Insights 5 min
Toby’s handling of HR doesn’t even get an “A” for effort. Avoid his top four mistakes, and create a better workplace than the Scranton branch.
HR Insights 5 min
Remote work trends clearly show that it’s here to stay, but what does that mean for your organization? Learn when remote work might be right––and when it might not.