Announcing the Product Updates Webpage

January 25, 2022 now has a Product Updates page where we’ll announce new features and functionality to our software. 

Every day, HR professionals around the world rely on BambooHR to do their job effectively. With these customers in mind, we constantly update our software to better serve them. This new Product Updates page will help customers to stay in the know when enhancements are made, and better leverage all that the software has to offer. Here are the different categories you’ll find on the Product Updates page: 

Monthly Product Update Summary Video

Nothing gets the big picture across like an overview video, especially when it’s not an ordinary put-you-to-sleep overview video. Our entertaining product update video series will make you laugh while quickly outlining why each change matters and how you can take advantage. It pairs explanations with helpful visuals so you can see the most important updates from the previous month in action. 

Release Notes

To learn about each and every update in greater detail, scroll down to the Release Notes section. Here, you will find a written summary of each update, screenshots, links to relevant Help Guides, and for major releases, in-depth demo videos. We’ve also made it easy to find the updates that matter most to your specific situation by adding plan type and product area filters. 

We hope the Product Updates page helps you find the small improvements in how you use BambooHR that can make all the difference in your HR processes. Been using a certain workaround? Release notes help you know when you can abandon old workarounds using newly released features. And you may even discover how new features solve problems you never realized were affecting your organization. 

Bookmark the Product Updates page now to stay in the know.

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Brian Anderson expertly decodes all things HR, drawing on a decade of technical writing in the business organization industry to provide editorial support to internal and external learning programs at BambooHR. His writing explores the different motivations that shape the employee experience and the psychology of human resources.