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5 Great Careers Pages (And What You Can Learn From Them)

July 26, 2016

For good reason, recruiting is often compared to dating: Recruiters try to make great impressions throughout the application process so they can attract high-quality suitors/applicants. And much like in modern dating, recruiting first impressions are often made online. Because of this, we’re in the process of redesigning our BambooHR careers page. Here are five of the pages that have helped inspire our redesign and that we think might inspire you to brush up your online impression:

1. Apple

What we love: they humanize work

Sometimes companies with big name recognition lose their human element and all employees meld into one corporate conglomerate identity. Not Apple. Apple uses their careers page to showcase employee individuality, but also to illustrate how their unique employees work toward common goals.

careers pages

What we learned: Talk about and show employees at your company to give potential applicants a feel for who they’ll be working with.

2. HireVue

What we love: they dive deep into culture

HireVue cuts the talk and gets right to the action with an entire blog dedicated to their company culture. This helps create transparency with potential employees on everything from work-from-home offices to snapshots of the office to how the company empowers women in the workforce.

careers pages

What we learned: Showing your culture (not just talking about it) makes it a lot more tangible.

3. Pinterest

What we love: they incorporate their product

Pinterest doesn’t just introduce applicants to their culture and benefits on their careers page. They cleverly introduce applicants to the product by using Pinterest boards to organize pictures of their “neighborhoods” (office locations) and events like holiday cookie exchanges and game nights.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.33.07 AM

What we learned: While not every product lends itself to being used on a careers page, if you can do it, it’s a great way to introduce applicants to the product. We implement our product by using our job posting feature.

4. Vimeo

What we love: they have a great careers video

Careers videos make your company culture tangible and are an increasingly popular form of employer branding. Vimeo shows their culture best by saying nothing at all—their video literally has no words. And they’re really successful at capturing the energy of their workplace and not being boring or corporate (which, unfortunately, a lot of careers videos are). Although, one of our videographers prefers this Vimeo office tour (with words) and all its quirky humor.

careers pages

What we learned: You don’t have to be wordy to show what your culture is like, and being a little quirky (if it makes sense for your organization’s personality) can be endearing.

5. Adobe

What we love: they get team-specific

Finding out a company’s culture is great, but understanding team dynamics can be even more important to potential applicants. After all, those are the coworkers they’ll be working most closely with. We love how Adobe talks about specific teams at their company so applicants can get a better feel for the specific work they’d be doing.

careers pages

What we learned: Teams are unique and showing those team characteristics matters to applicants.

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