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BambooHR + Idaptive: Bridging the Gap Between HR and IT

December 6, 2019

Meet Sarah. It’s her first day at her new job! Sarah spends her first day at work filling out HR forms, watching training videos, meeting new colleagues, and receiving her new laptop. On days two through four, Sarah boomerangs back and forth with IT, trying to make sure she has access to the applications and resources she needs to do her job, and coordinates with the finance and HR teams. Finally, on day five, Sarah is able to dig into the actual work she was hired to do.

What if there were a way to onboard Sarah without losing an entire week of productivity?

Why Onboarding Matters

First days are about more than casual meet-and-greets and overcoming nerves—the onboarding process is a key business driver. In fact, research by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that “69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.” Similarly, Glassdoor found that “organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by 70 percent.”

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Getting the employee onboarding process right is paramount to ensuring the success of your business. The faster you can integrate a new employee into your organization, get them contributing to their team, and help them recognize they are having a positive impact, the more likely they are to stay and deliver the outcomes you envisioned.

IT and Onboarding

Your HR team might have the onboarding process down, but how do you create a seamless process for IT as well?  Your newly onboarded employee will need tools like their computer, an enrolled mobile device, and critical business applications right away so they can be productive on day one. This gap between HR and IT can cause significant delays in the onboarding process, and this gap is a challenge seen in many organizations.

HR has streamlined and automated its processes, but flowing that information into IT is typically a cumbersome manual process. In some cases, 20–30 people touch the process of setting up accounts and establishing appropriate access to critical resources, making employee onboarding an IT-centric process instead of an HR-centric process. The solution is to make your human capital management (HCM) service the central information source.

How to Bridge the HR/IT Gap

Whether you’re onboarding, offboarding, or transferring an employee within your organization, that process starts with HR and your HCM service. Once you’ve established that your HCM service will be the source of information, you can use an identity service to bridge your HCM service with your directory service.

By leveraging an identity service to serve as a bridge between HR and IT, you can ensure employees, based on their role, have access to the critical resources and applications they need on day one.

When the employee ultimately leaves your organization, the identity service synchronizes the removal of access to those resources and applications, and through its reporting tools, provides reports to ensure your organization is meeting your audit and compliance requirements.

Remember Sarah? Now imagine Sarah’s first day, but with an identity service. Sarah arrives at her new employer and meets her manager, who shows her to her cubicle. When she arrives at her cubicle, her laptop is set up. There are printed log-in instructions so she can access her email and the company portal where she can access the applications she will need in order to get started. Based on her welcome email, Sarah sees that she has a 10:00 AM meeting with her new team, followed by a team lunch. In the afternoon, she is scheduled to sit down with her new manager to discuss her role and her 30-, 60-, and 90-day plan.

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On day two, Sarah is ready to start contributing. There are more people for her to meet that week, but she has access to the resources she needs, and she has purpose and direction provided by her manager. This is a much different outcome, and the probability of Sarah staying long term has just increased!

In today’s resource-constrained environments, businesses may benefit significantly from solutions that can streamline your process and deliver better outcomes and solid ROI, such as the cross-functionality of Idaptive and BambooHR.

By eliminating the time it takes to create accounts via an automated process centered around your HCM service, you can save your organization time and money.

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