Meet North Eastern Services—A Customer Success Study

March 16, 2015

North Eastern Services (NES) uses BambooHR to help keep track of its many certified employees across the state of Utah.

The Company
NES takes care of disabled people in group-home settings. With 700 employees in different locations across the state of Utah, the company needed an easy, affordable system for tracking its employees’ training certifications for required skills like CPR and first aid.

The Challenge
Prior to using BambooHR, NES maintained an Access database in the company’s central office. Outlying offices had to submit training updates via fax or email, which was unwieldy and didn’t provide visibility across the company.

The Solution
NES selected BambooHR because its intuitive interface requires little to no training (ironically)—even for employees without computer skills. Now employees can see which trainings they need to complete and they receive automated training reminders. With BambooHR’s help, along with hosted training videos, NES has improved its training compliance from 40 percent to 99 percent. These improvements have increased state referrals.

NES has also taken advantage of BambooHR’s integration with RightSignature, the paperless online document signing service. This integration has transformed the NES employee onboarding process. The company went from having new employees sign a 75-page packet of paperwork that NES would then have to file and store physically, to having employees sign and store their information through BambooHR.

customer success NES Executive Director, Cory Crabb, said: BambooHR has helped our employees achieve near-perfect training levels. This is critical to maintaining trusted relationships and delivering consistent quality care to the human services community. We’re also appreciated BambooHR’s ability to streamline the onboarding process with a paperless system that helps us stay organized.”

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