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How to Provide Secure and Personal Transitions: Onboarding, Offboarding, and Everything in Between

How to Provide Secure and Personal Transitions: Onboarding, Offboarding, and Everything in Between

Passing the baton. Nailing the dismount. Moving from new hire to fully-trained employee. To succeed, all of these actions need the right conditions for a smooth transition. As companies grow and hire new employees, add new software platforms, and bid departing employees farewell, these transitions multiply into a near-constant responsibility—and a liability HR can’t pass along.

Join BambooHR and JumpCloud to explore how you can streamline the transitions in your organization, improve the employee experience, and protect your workplace from legal liability and costly oversights.

How to meet employee expectations for a clear path from onboarding to the end of the training process
How cloud-based identity management resolves security concerns and makes transitions more efficient
The perils of having one person be the linchpin of processes in onboarding, offboarding, and software access
How smooth transitions can improve your employer brand and build your reputation as a great place to work

About the speakers
Chase Doelling

Principal Strategist

Chase is a Principal Strategist at JumpCloud, designing authentication strategies and evangelizing customer solutions. He has been working in venture-backed startups across identity, security, integration, and DevOps for the last decade. Chase is a frequent speaker on topics from evangelism, systems, and identity. He's based in Colorado and is a mentor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Adriana Clark

HR Manager at BambooHR

Adriana Clark is a human resource professional with 10+ years of experience in all HR functions. Her professional business experience and education have allowed her to make immense contributions in the planning and executing of HR strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Adriana has utilized her people-oriented skills to develop and promote a positive work environment, professional level of support, build and maintain strong work relationships and drive results.

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