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How Hybrid Work Impacts the Employee Experience

How Hybrid Work Impacts the Employee Experience

Achieving employee satisfaction across an entire organization is not the easiest thing to do, but you may already have a secret weapon–the hybrid workforce. Learn how hybrid work can increase the satisfaction and experience amongst employees in your company.

Join BambooHR and VerifiedFirst on October 19th at 10:00 AM PT for a live session on how the hybrid workforce model impacts the employee experience and how your organization can use this time to improve employee satisfaction.

  • How to use hybrid work to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, & experience company-wide
  • How to identify essential touchpoints in the employee experience
  • How to increase trust, communication, and recognition in the time of hybrid work
About the speakers
Adriana Clark

HR Manager at BambooHR

Adriana Clark is a human resource professional with 10+ years experience in all HR functions. Her professional business experience and education has allowed her to make immense contributions in planning and executing HR strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Adriana has utilized her people-oriented skills to develop and promote a positive work environment, professional level of support, build and maintain strong work relationships and drive results.

Zach Townsend

VP Human Resources at Verified First

With over 12 years of experience in the HR space, Zach has brought his tenacity for organizational alignment and extensive industry knowledge to Verified First and continues to cultivate an environment geared toward growth, creativity, and inclusivity. His formal education includes a BBA in Human Resource Management from Boise State University, as well as a Master's in HR Management from the University of Connecticut.

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