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How to Successfully Set Goals and OKRs During Onboarding

How to Successfully Set Goals and OKRs During Onboarding

The first days and weeks a new hire spends at your company set the tone for their entire experience. Research from BambooHR even found that 89 percent of employees with a highly effective onboarding process feel very engaged in their work. Part of creating a great onboarding process includes working with new employees to establish goals and OKRs that set them up for success from the start.

Learn how to set effective goals and OKRs during the onboarding process with experts from BambooHR and 7Geese.

  • How to help employees develop using small goals over time
  • Ways to tailor goals to both employee needs and company values
  • How OKRs create focus, alignment, and motivation
  • How creating well-crafted goals can improve employee engagement
About the speakers
Robb Young

Director of Customer Support at BambooHR

Robb is currently the Director of Customer Support at BambooHR. He is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Previously, he spent over 14 years at, most recently as the VP of Business Development. Everyone who works with Robb finds him skilled in Operations Management, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales Operations. 

Wendy Pat Fong

Chief of Staff at 7Geese

Wendy Pat Fong. Wendy is Chief of Staff at 7Geese. Over the last decade, she has led, managed and executed all operational activities as well as overseen HR administrative functions. Currently, she manages organizational strategic projects internally and ensures compliance with industry standards when implementing the 7Geese platform. She can be reached at [email protected]

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