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Staying Power: How to Hire and Retain Great Talent

Staying Power: How to Hire and Retain Great Talent

Hiring top talent is hard enough - but keeping that talent engaged and happy at your organization is a completely separate challenge. Join Todd Grierson from BambooHR and Jan Choi from Jobvite as they share strategies to help you strengthen your company's staying power.

  • How your employer brand can help you win top talent
  • Interviewing and job posting best practices
  • The difference that great onboarding can make
  • The costs of disengagement
  • How to leverage your company culture to enhance engagement
About the speakers
Todd Grierson

HR Evangelist at BambooHR

Todd Grierson is on a mission to permanently set HR free from the barriers that consistently plague professionals in small and medium businesses worldwide. He currently serves as BambooHR's HR Evangelist where he leads the team responsible for disseminating strategic HR education to more than 100,000 HR professionals every year.

Jan Choi

Senior Recruiter at Jobvite

Jan Choi has over 13 years of experience in HR and tech recruiting with companies including LinkedIn, Bloomspot, Okta, and Jobvite. She specializes in recruiting for high growth technology companies, so she knows what it takes to hire and retain great talent.

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