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Strategic Recruiting at Any Size: 5 Programs You Can Start Building Now

Strategic Recruiting at Any Size: 5 Programs You Can Start Building Now

With a lean recruiting team, it might seem like many strategic recruiting initiatives are out of your reach. You may not be able to afford sophisticated employee referral programs, vast talent communities, or expensive employer branding efforts—so why try? But here’s the thing: you don’t need endless time and money to build effective recruiting programs in your organization. You just need the right plan.

Join JD Conway of BambooHR and Chad Roudebush of Jobvite as they explore five key recruiting programs and how to develop them no matter the size of your team.

  • The ins and outs of employee referral programs
  • Talent pool management
  • Employer branding and recruitment marketing
  • Which recruiting opportunities to leverage and which to avoid
  • Best practices for interview training
About the speakers
JD Conway

Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR

JD has over a decade of experience as both a third-party recruiter for boutique technical recruiting firms and as an in-house recruiter. He's managed talent acquisition teams in high-growth SaaS companies and served Fortune 500 clients for the world’s largest recruiting corporation. From organizational health to recruitment marketing and employer branding, JD has used his expertise to change the way companies structure and view the functions of talent acquisition.

Chad Roudebush

Recruiter and Recruitment Marketing Manager at Jobvite

Chad is the Recruiter and Recruitment Marketing Manager at Jobvite. He has been in recruiting and recruitment marketing in some capacity for the last ten years and has been recruiting for cloud-based technology firms over the last several years - and loves it. Chad has been with Jobvite for nine months and was a customer of Jobvite for four years prior. He loves the tools of the technology loves networking and connecting.

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