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Countering Talent-Acquisition Tunnel Vision with Efficient Candidate and Employee Feedback

Countering Talent-Acquisition Tunnel Vision with Efficient Candidate and Employee Feedback

Does your organization have talent-acquisition tunnel vision? With everything that goes on during the hiring process, it’s easy to lose sight of how long-term factors influence your overall recruiting efforts. Current employees, prior candidates, and your organization’s leadership all have a part to play in hiring success. Before you tweak a job posting for the twentieth time, it’s worth your time to step back and get the bigger picture of what attracts candidates to your organization.

Join JD Conway of BambooHR, Mike Bailen of Lever, and Adam Steinharter of SurveyMonkey as they review the paths they’ve taken to gather feedback and optimize their hiring processes.

  • How to evaluate and improve your employer brand
  • The types of feedback you need to improve recruiting
  • Examples of unexpected results from gathering feedback
  • How to ensure a successful kickoff with hiring managers
  • Feedback that leads to internal process improvements
About the speakers
Shelly Myers

Partner Team Project Manager at BambooHR

Shelly loves working with BambooHR partners, especially on strategic webinars and eBooks. She manages the day-to-day aspects of the online thought leadership program where thousands come to learn and gain HR accreditation. She loves focusing on building company culture and improving employee engagement. In her time at BambooHR she has found a home and a team that feels like family. Shelly graduated from Brigham Young University and is married to her best friend and sweetheart, Jason.

JD Conway

Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR

JD has over a decade of experience as both a third-party recruiter for boutique technical recruiting firms and as an in-house recruiter. He's managed talent acquisition teams in high-growth SaaS companies and served Fortune 500 clients for the world’s largest recruiting corporation. From organizational health to recruitment marketing and employer branding, JD has used his expertise to change the way companies structure and view the functions of talent acquisition.

Mike Bailen

VP of People at Lever

Bailen first met Lever while leading recruiting efforts for Eventbrite. During his tenure at Eventbrite, Bailen overhauled the company’s recruitment practices. Bailen previously held multiple recruiting and HR roles at Zappos. In 2015, Bailen was named to LinkedIn’s “Next Wave” list, which recognizes top professionals under 35. Bailen often speaks on HR and recruiting topics, and has presented at industry conferences including LinkedIn Talent Connect, the Australasian Talent Conference, and Lever’s own Talent Innovation Summit.

Adam Steinharter

Senior Manager of Talent at Survey Monkey

Adam has been building companies in the Bay Area and beyond for 15 years. He started in the agency world focusing on technical and sales recruiting. He then leveraged his experience and joined Google, Adchemy, Involver, StumbleUpon and now SurveyMonkey. At SurveyMonkey he’s helped scale the organization to almost 900 employees, has built the Talent team from scratch, implemented best practices, and driven D&I initiatives. Outside of work he cherishes family time and enjoys playing golf around the Bay.

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