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Workplace Wellbeing: How to Use Benefits to Boost Employee Health & Performance

Workplace Wellbeing: How to Use Benefits to Boost Employee Health & Performance

With the New Year comes an old tradition: making New Year’s resolutions you probably won’t keep. For most people, resolutions focus on health and wellbeing—something HR teams spend a lot of time and money to promote. How can you tap into your employees’ desire to stick with their New Year’s resolutions and stay healthy and productive year-round? Join BambooHR and League to explore how to build a holistic benefits strategy that promotes a culture of wellbeing.

  • The relationship between culture and benefits
  • Strategies to tailor benefits to your workers’ needs
  • How to articulate the value of workplace wellbeing to leaders
  • The five pillars of wellbeing
About the speakers
Cassie Whitlock

Director of Human Resources at BambooHR

Cassie started her career in the accounting world but working with small and medium sized companies, the HR function was always handed to her. She loves the intersection of business and humans, and believes that when companies focus on the human aspect of their people, the people in turn focus on the business needs. She enjoys her work most when she can take her talents in data, processes, and human psychology to make someone's day better. She believes that strategy is accomplished in the details of how you manage the daily tactical items. A quick humor and a thoughtful, listening nature are the mark of her leadership style. She views her team as part of her family and enjoys working hard with them, while they all learn, grow, and execute on business-critical initiatives.

Jessica Thomas

Senior Wellness Consultant at League

Jessica is a Senior Wellness Consultant with League and has spent 8 years in the worksite wellness industry helping employers implement strategic wellness programs. Prior to joining League, Jessica worked for a benefits consulting firm and before that worked on the wellness provider side. Jessica blends her passion for health and wellness with her education in data and technology to make it easier for both employers and employees to reap the benefits of wellness initiatives in the workplace.

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