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The Recruiting Sweet Spot: Aligning Candidate and Employer Expectations

The Recruiting Sweet Spot: Aligning Candidate and Employer Expectations

What does it take to match a candidate with a job position? Some recruiters will prioritize skills and education, while others insist that finding a good culture fit is most important. Some just hope they can find a candidate that matches a long list of qualifications from a hiring manager. And when employers finally find the right candidate, it can still be difficult to know whether they’ve made a good hire or if the candidate will job hop in the first six months.

What is the key to hiring employees who will stay? A Gallup poll found that while 54 percent of disengaged employees would leave their organizations for a raise of 20 percent or less, only 37 percent of engaged employees would. To earn loyalty that’s stronger than the lure of a greater salary, organizations need to engage their new hires—and that process starts during recruiting. Join BambooHR and SkillSurvey to explore how to optimize your interviews to find a long-term match for the position.

  • The four factors that determine alignment during recruiting
  • Questions to ask references to assess a candidate’s soft skills
  • Tips for refining a job description to focus on alignment
  • How to avoid biased hiring when looking for a culture fit
  • How to get context behind skills and experience on a resume
About the speakers
Morgan Lyman

Talent Acquisition Partner at BambooHR

Morgan is a Talent Acquisition Partner at BambooHR where he partners with a myriad of departments in their hiring efforts. He finds great job satisfaction in creating and implementing processes that promote a positive candidate experience and efficiency in the hiring process. He loves working at BambooHR and setting people free to do great work. He is multi-talented and can hold his breath for an impressive 30 seconds.

Michelle Reed

CMO, SkillSurvey

Michelle brings a tremendous amount of marketing leadership experience to SkillSurvey. A results-oriented, hands-on marketing and communications executive with over two decades of experience working in the technology sector, Michelle has also held roles in software development, product management, communications, college recruiting, and human resources.

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