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Retention from Day One: Onboarding Tips to Engage New Hires

Retention from Day One: Onboarding Tips to Engage New Hires

Effective onboarding is a lot like baking: part science, part art form. You need the right ingredients to make sure that your new hires are compliant and ready to work, but you also need to help them get the flavor of your organization’s culture. It’s not enough to attract talent with a great presentation. Your onboarding process should help them keep coming back for more.

In this panel discussion, experts from PayScale, BambooHR, BizLibrary, and OfficeVibe will cover how to focus onboarding activities for new employees on the long-term goal of retention, rather than just checking the compliance boxes and leaving managers to figure out the rest.

  • How to measure the effectiveness of cultural onboarding
  • How to promote learning and development after day one
  • Tech to help streamline onboarding
  • Fun and creative new hire orientation ideas
  • Ideas for helping new hires feel like part of the team
  • How to measure progress in onboarding
About the speakers
Jessica Bjorling

HR Generalist and Benefits Specialist at BambooHR

Jessica is the HR Generalist and Benefits Specialist at BambooHR where she strives to provide benefits and opportunities that will improve the lives of employees. She is passionate about providing a great experience at the office while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. She loves working at BambooHR and setting people free to do great work.

Ashley Adair

Founder and CEO of Blue Shoes Leadership LLC

Ashley created and launched PayScale's first-ever dedicated L&D department. She then went on to create Blue Shoes Leadership, LLC which specializes in helping navigate career transitions, communicate effectively, and create best-in-class teams. With over ten years of experience in Human Resources and consulting/coaching, Ashley gets results by focusing on professional growth. She is currently pursuing her MBA at UW Foster School of Business as well as her ICF credential at Coach Training EDU.

Samantha Denzler

Employee Experience Specialist at Officevibe

Having studied art and literature, Samantha has always had a fascination for culture, history and social situations. As a GSoft specialist of employee experience for almost a year, Samantha is clearly the reference for everything related to the employee’s journey in the organization. Her main objective is to establish a safe and engaging environment for everyone, from day one by leading various projects within the company.

Libby Mullen-Eaves

Sr. Director of People Operations & Culture at BizLibrary

Libby loves helping employees realize their maximum potential. Libby has over 25 years of experience in Education, Training, and Business Consultation, both in the Higher Education realm and the Business Sector. Building positive partnerships, solving business challenges creatively, and developing the strengths in others are what make Libby tick. She is a fervent writer, an experienced public speaker and is most passionate about life-long learning.

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