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Everything Small Business HR Managers Need to Know

Everything Small Business HR Managers Need to Know

The first step to building an incredible skyscraper is to lay a solid foundation. From there, each phase of the construction process must happen at the right time and in the right order or else the building will fail. For example, the electrician can’t install wiring until the construction team has finished the framework.

As an HR manager in a small business, you may have a vision of the HR strategy you want to build for your organization. But it can be difficult to know which pieces you need right now to start laying the foundation.

Join experts from BambooHR, BizLibrary, PayScale, and OfficeVibe as they discuss everything an HR professional in a small business needs to know to get started the right way. Register for the webinar and start building your strategic HR skyscraper today!

  • How to help your organization compete for top talent
  • How to develop a fair compensation plan and communicate it
  • Ways to get the most out of your training resources
  • Strategies for measuring and improving employee satisfaction
  • Key elements for effective onboarding
About the speakers
Tawni Reed

HR Generalist & Payroll Admin at BambooHR

Tawni is the HR Generalist and Payroll Specialist at BambooHR where she enjoys working with Bamboo employees regarding their benefits and pay. She feels passionate about providing a great experience at the office while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. She loves working at BambooHR and setting people free to do great work.

Chris Kennedy

Client Success Manager with BizLibrary

As a Client Success Manager with BizLibrary, Chris ensures the employee training program is seeing growth and success. Before joining the team, Chris was an account manager in the HR compliance and tax management industry. He was responsible for working with clients to ensure their success by providing ongoing reviews and developing strategies to improve metrics, resulting in increased ROI. Chris has worked with companies of all sizes across a wide array of industries and enjoys helping clients reach success.

Rita Patterson

Manager of Implementation at PayScale

Rita Patterson is a Certified Compensation Professional and the Manager of Implementation at PayScale. Rita spends her time working with customers and managing customer-facing teams around the onboarding, training, support & education of compensation and PayScale products. Rita’s background includes bookkeeping, payroll, recruiting, and staffing management. Her career path led her to PayScale where she has been happily discussing comp with anyone who will listen for the past five years.

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