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Keep Calm and Recruit Lean: Putting Recruiting in Perspective

Keep Calm and Recruit Lean: Putting Recruiting in Perspective

Recruiting can be stressful. According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report, 56% of organizations need to hire more people, while 61% don’t anticipate hiring additional recruiting staff. Instead of panicking and trying to increase your recruiting quantity, focus instead on putting things in place to improve your recruiting quality.

Join JD Conway of BambooHR and Jan Choi of Jobvite as they share insights on how to proceed with a lean recruiting program and progress toward recruiting success.

  • How to develop a culture of recruiting
  • How to craft effective job descriptions
  • Metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your program
  • How to guard your time and prioritize
About the speakers
JD Conway

Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR

JD has over a decade of experience as both a third-party recruiter for boutique technical recruiting firms and as an in-house recruiter. He's managed talent acquisition teams in high-growth SaaS companies and served Fortune 500 clients for the world’s largest recruiting corporation. From organizational health to recruitment marketing and employer branding, JD has used his expertise to change the way companies structure and view the functions of talent acquisition.

Jan Choi

Senior Recruiter at Jobvite

Jan Choi has over 13 years of experience in HR and tech recruiting with companies including LinkedIn, Bloomspot, Okta, and Jobvite. She specializes in recruiting for high growth technology companies, so she knows what it takes to hire and retain great talent.

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