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Measuring Recruiting Success: Going Beyond Headcount

Measuring Recruiting Success: Going Beyond Headcount

You know the importance of a well-thought-out recruiting program. But can you prove it to your organization’s leadership? Can you explain the less-obvious qualities that can make or break your organization’s hiring costs, employee morale, and employer brand?

Join BambooHR, Indeed and Talemetry in this panel-style presentation to explore additional strategies for measuring and presenting the state of your recruiting program, as well as next steps to use those metrics to learn and improve your recruiting.

  • How to evaluate your talent strategy
  • How to ensure your ATS provides accurate information
  • How to measure the impact of your social media strategy
  • Additional metrics worth tracking
  • How to measure quality of applicants
About the speakers
Jessica Bjorling

HR Generalist and Benefits Specialist at BambooHR

Jessica is the HR Generalist and Benefits Specialist at BambooHR where she strives to provide benefits and opportunities that will improve the lives of employees. She is passionate about providing a great experience at the office while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. She loves working at BambooHR and setting people free to do great work.

JD Conway

Head of Talent Acquisition at BambooHR

JD has over a decade of experience as both a third-party recruiter for boutique technical recruiting firms and as an in-house recruiter. He's managed talent acquisition teams in high-growth SaaS companies and served Fortune 500 clients for the world’s largest recruiting corporation. From organizational health to recruitment marketing and employer branding, JD has used his expertise to change the way companies structure and view the functions of talent acquisition.

Kevin Walker

Sr. Director of Global Field Marketing for Indeed

As Indeed's Lead Evangelist, Kevin is tasked with uncovering employer insights by pairing platform data with industry trend analysis. Kevin leads Indeed's global field marketing organization. The team directly impacts employers’ ability to source critical talent by helping them better understand online search and how to optimize their recruiting practices. They do this through speaking at events, educating customers through webinars and connecting prospects with sales teams through marketing programs.

Jade Bourelle

Co-Founder and CEO of Talemetry

Jade Bourelle brings 25 years of executive management and innovative solution building in the recruiting and training industry. Previously, he founded TeleSkill and is the Chairman of Mindfield group. Jade has worked to build Talemetry into one of the largest HR software solution providers in the industry. Talemetry helps enterprise organizations get more of the right people to apply for the right jobs by delivering results-based attraction strategies and extending reach for all types of talent.

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