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7 Ways To Build A Brand That Attracts Top Talent

7 Ways To Build A Brand That Attracts Top Talent

Did you know job candidates spend 49.7 seconds deciding if a job opening is right for them? In that flicker of time, your employer brand and reputation need to make a serious impact. Otherwise, say goodbye to top talent, even game-changing talent that can help you compete in the marketplace.

Showcasing or upgrading your employer brand doesn’t need to break your recruiting budget. In fact, leaning on employees to share your company story, treating job candidates like valued customers and adding the “employer perspective” to company reviews on social channels and Glassdoor costs little—just time, effort and C-Level buy-in.

  • How to turn employees into brand ambassadors to tell ideal-fit job seekers why your company is a great place to work
  • The art of responding to company reviews (good and bad) on your Glassdoor profile to build trust with job candidates and employees alike
  • Why asking interview candidates for feedback on their experience can improve your hiring process