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People Data & Analytics

Make sense of your people data, be more strategic, and learn more about HR metrics with BambooHR webinars on people data and analytics.
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One on One with Chris Yeh and Dave Carhart

Join Chris Yeh, entrepreneur, investor, and author of Blitzscaling, for a discussion with Lattice VP of people Dave Carhart on navigating high growth in the new world of work in this free webinar.

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3 Best Practices for Optimizing Talent with Advanced Analytics

A roundtable discussion on proving ROI on hiring strong talent to executive leadership. With fewer resources and an uncertain economic climate, talent teams are even more stretched to prove ROI on every hiring investment made.

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Where HR Data Makes a Difference

In this webinar, HR experts from PayScale and BambooHR will dive into how HR leaders can become proficient in using data to drive change in every area that matters, including recruiting, talent management, productivity, and retention.

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People Are The Pulse of Your Organization

This panel discussion will explore how to recognize the cycle of engagement, both individually and on an organizational level, while providing insights and best practices to help you keep your organization healthy.

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Starting Small: Making Your People Strategy Work For You

For small businesses to succeed in the long term, they need to focus on people first. Join BambooHR, PayScale, Officevibe, and BizLibrary to explore ways that smaller companies can make each dollar count toward long-term success as they build a solid foundation for their organizations.

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Using Analytics To Make Smart HR Decisions

Many HR professionals forego increased insight and strategy because they fear analytics. Learn how to identify important HR analytics, gather and interpret them, and use data to be more strategic.

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