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An HR Glossary for HR Terms

Glossary of Human Resources Management and Employee Benefit Terms

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Hourly to Salary

What Does Hourly to Salary Mean?

Hourly to salary is a conversion used to calculate how much an employee’s salary would be based on their hourly pay. To calculate this, add up the number of hours an employee works in a year and multiply it by their hourly wage. For example, if an employee works 2,080 hours a year (the number of hours most salaried employees work each year based on a 40-hour workweek) and is paid 25 dollars an hour, their salary would be 52,000 dollars. To learn more about hourly to salary, please see our definition of “Hourly to Yearly.”

Hourly to Salary Calculation

You don't need a fancy calculation tool to calculate hourly to salary wages. Just multiply the amount of hours worked per week (e.g. 40) by the hourly wage (e.g. $16/hr). Then multiply that number by 52 (the number of weeks in a year).

$16 x 40 x 52 = $33,280

The annual salary, in this case, is $33,280.

Salary Calculator

Hourly Wage Calculator

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