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Employee Experience

Learn more about putting your people first with BambooHR webinars on employee experience, and build a solid foundation for a better business.
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Driving Employee Productivity and Satisfaction Through IT Automation

Information technology is the core enabler of modern business, yet IT teams often operate under the radar until something goes wrong. When employee productivity and satisfaction are negatively impacted by cybersecurity practices, IT operations, or support workflows, IT leaders can get an ear full. When IT leaders view end-users as clients and measure themselves based on user satisfaction and productivity, IT teams are more effective, employees are happier, and business are more profitable.

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8 Tips for Effective Employee Onboarding to Ensure Long-term Success

Join HR manager at BambooHR, Adriana Clark and senior manager of customer success and support at Northpass, Paula Naba, as they explore the onboarding factors that help new hires form deep connections with your organization, their coworkers, and their future career.

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How Hybrid Work Impacts the Employee Experience

Join BambooHR and VerifiedFirst for a session on how the hybrid workforce model impacts the employee experience and how your organization can use this time to improve employee satisfaction.

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Mental Health at Work: Fostering a healthier workplace culture

In this session, you’ll hear from experts who are paving the way to centralizing mental health and inclusivity in their organization’s talent attraction & retention strategy.

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Create Your Own Employee Journey Map

Join BambooHR and Pyn for this Employee Experience Week presentation on using HRIS data and automated employee-centric communication to connect with your employees.

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How to Make Employee Mental Health a Priority

Learn how improving your organization’s mental health policies can benefit employees and your bottom line, with proven tips and strategies to get you started.

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How to Successfully Set Goals and OKRs During Onboarding

Learn how to successfully set goals and OKRs during the onboarding process with experts from BambooHR and 7Geese.

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Managing Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce

How can organizations adapt to today’s multi-generational workforce? Learn how to recruit, manage, and retain employees of all ages in this free webinar.

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Workplace Wellbeing: How to Use Benefits to Boost Employee Health & Performance

How can you tap into your employees’ desire to stick with their New Year’s resolutions and stay healthy and productive year-round? Join BambooHR and League to explore how to build a holistic benefits strategy that promotes a culture of wellbeing.

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How to Roll Candidate Experience into Employee Engagement

By now, you’ve probably heard how important a positive candidate experience can be to your hiring efforts. It can help your organization hire faster and attract better candidates. Join experts from BambooHR and Lever as they explain how to use candidate experience to boost employee engagement and retention in your organization.

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How to Make Sure Your Employees Feel Valued at Work

In this webinar, we'll discuss why feeling valued is the key to sustaining great work and high performance. Most importantly, we'll share concrete steps you can take to make sure your employees feel valued.

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Paving the Way: How to Retain and Motivate Your Best Employees

Your best employees are always looking for the next big challenge. It’s up to you to show high-performing employees a path forward at your organization with L&D opportunities before they look elsewhere. Register now, and start paving the way forward for all of your employees.

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The Employee Journey: the Foundation of Employee Experience Design

In this session you’ll learn the fundamental elements of the employee journey and the building blocks of employee success. You’ll also learn how this employee journey becomes a core component of culture, and the gravitational pull your organization has on your employees.

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How to Manage Employee Turnover

Learn the real organizational cost of turnover, its leading drivers, and the breakthrough techniques today's leading organizations leverage to engage and retain top talent.

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Panel Discussion: Culture and Employee Engagement

Join Glassdoor, BambooHR, At&T and Freshbooks as we tackle some of the issues around culture and employee engagement. This panel discussion dives deep into the most asked questions.

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On Engagement: A Panel Discussion with BambooHR and Glassdoor

Join us for a panel discussion with thought leaders from BambooHR and Glassdoor as we discuss what employeee engagement looks like in the real world.

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Learning Culture and Employee Engagement

Using the right recipe for employee engagement helps you cook up success in your organization, with a healthy portion of financial improvement on the side.

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Managing Employee Turnover

Understanding the cause of employee turnover starts with looking at your company processes, procedures, leadership, and culture. Join PayScale and BambooHR we they discuss best practices on managing employee turnover.

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