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Recruiting & Hiring

Find great candidates and nail those crucial first steps with the help of our many expert insights and HR webinars on recruiting and hiring.
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Strategies to Recruit & Retain a Multigenerational Workforce

Following over a year of turmoil, people from every generation are rethinking what work really means to them, and many are even calling it quits. What does that mean for your hiring efforts, and how can you adapt your recruiting strategies to meet the needs of a large, multigenerational candidate pool?

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HR First Class - Creating a Hiring Process for Long-term, Successful Hires

Most leaders now understand how critical it is to provide a great employee experience, especially during major economic shifts and turbulent hiring environments. Creating a hiring process for the long-term will kickstart your employee experience, leading to an increase in successful hires.

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Optimizing the Recruitment Process to Retain Employees

Retention is impacted by ALL stages of the employee lifecycle, starting with attraction and recruitment. Week 1 of this Employee Retention webinar series will explore best practices to invest in talent and boost retention rates for the future.

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Roadmap to Diverse and Inclusive Hiring in 2021

Join HR experts from DoorDash, Checkr, Criteria Corp, and Greenhouse for insights on how to expand diversity and inclusion in your organization’s hiring and training.

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Measuring Recruiting Productivity From Sourcing to Retention

When measuring your team’s recruiting progress, you need to know which metrics to look at and how to ensure your team continues to get more efficient as you scale your hiring. But finding the answers to both these questions can be tricky, which is why we’re bringing together a panel of experts from Eventbrite, McGraw-Hill, Relativity, and Blueboard to help!

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Staying Power: How to Hire and Retain Great Talent

Join Todd Grierson from BambooHR and Jan Choi from Jobvite as they share strategies to help you strengthen your company's staying power and retention.

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Summer of Sourcing: Attracting Talent That Stays

Discover how to improve your sourcing strategy and attract talent that stays in Lever's first installment of their Summer of Sourcing series with 15Five, BambooHR and Glassdoor.

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Strategic Recruiting at Any Size: 5 Programs You Can Start Building Now

You don’t need endless time and money to build effective recruiting programs in your organization. You just need the right plan. Tune in to the webinar to learn how you can get started.

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Countering Talent-Acquisition Tunnel Vision with Efficient Candidate and Employee Feedback

Join JD Conway of BambooHR, Mike Bailen of Lever, and Adam Steinharter of SurveyMonkey as they review the paths they’ve taken to gather feedback and optimize their hiring processes.

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The Recruiting Sweet Spot: Aligning Candidate and Employer Expectations

What does it take to match a candidate with a job position? What is the key to hiring employees who will stay? Join BambooHR and SkillSurvey to explore how to optimize your recruiting and interviews to find long-term fits for your organization.

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How to Roll Candidate Experience into Employee Engagement

By now, you’ve probably heard how important a positive candidate experience can be to your hiring efforts. It can help your organization hire faster and attract better candidates. Join experts from BambooHR and Lever as they explain how to use candidate experience to boost employee engagement and retention in your organization.

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Your Recruiting Ecosystem: Managing the Employee Life Cycle

As you bring on new people to your organization, are you making promises you can’t keep? Join BambooHR and Payscale as they explore the carefully nuanced interplay between recruiting promises, compensation, and actual experience throughout the employee life cycle.

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Keep Calm and Recruit Lean: Putting Recruiting in Perspective

According to LinkedIn, 56% of organizations need to hire more people, while 61% don’t anticipate hiring additional recruiting staff. Instead of panicking and trying to increase your recruiting quantity, focus instead on putting things in place to improve your recruiting quality.

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Measuring Recruiting Success: Going Beyond Headcount

Join BambooHR, Indeed and Talemetry in this panel-style presentation to explore additional strategies for measuring and presenting the state of your recruiting program, as well as next steps to use those metrics to learn and improve your recruiting.

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How to Prove Your Recruiting Success

Recruiting is a constant need for your organization. Join Glassdoor, BambooHR, SeatGeek, and Asana for insights on how you can measure your real recruiting situation, learn from your mistakes, and communicate your triumphs.

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The Impact of Recruiting Technologies: Now and in the Future

Join experts from BambooHR, Saberr, and Smart Recruiters as they discuss how technology impacts recruiting strategies today and how these strategies may evolve tomorrow.

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Win The Recruiting Battle - Beat The Big Companies

Did you know it takes less than a minute for a candidate to decide whether or not to apply? Learn how to win the recruiting battles against big companies.

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Practical Strategies For Powerful Candidate Selection

In this webinar we will talk about practical strategies for powerful interviewing. We will talk about how to assess not just hard skills and experience, but fit.

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Panel Discussion: BambooHR, Glassdoor, DocuSign and Habitat for Humanity discuss Candidate Experience

Join Glassdoor, BambooHR, Habitat for Humanity SF, and DocuSign as we tackle some of the most pressing questions around creating a great candidate experience.

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7 Ways To Build A Brand That Attracts Top Talent

Did you know job candidates spend 49.7 seconds deciding if a job opening is right for them? Learn how to use your employer brand to own that flicker of time without breaking the bank.

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Recruiter Roundup: From the Front Lines

From the front lines of Glassdoor, Illumina and BambooHR, our Sr. Recruiters share their experiences on how to hire for culture and diversity at the same time.

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The Art of the Interview: Getting Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Candidates on the Same Page

Experienced artists can make painting look effortless, with the right colors on their palettes and the right tools in their hands. Successful interviews follow the same pattern. Join us to explore how your interviewing process can help turn your organization into a masterpiece.

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